Thamme Gowda

Email: tg [at]
Office: #919, ISI Marina del Rey
Curriculum Vitae

Thamme Gowda is a Research Engineer at USC ISI. He obtained his Ph.D. (2022; recent grad.) and MS (2017) from USC, both majoring in Computer Science. Previously, he has interned as a Data Scientist at NASA JPL (3x times), contributed to open-source projects at the Apache Software Foundation, worked as a full-stack developer at a startup, and has co-founded a company (

His recent focus is on neural machine translation and the inevitable problem of rare phenomena learning .


2022/05/28 Professional: I am eagerly looking forward to joining Microsoft Translate as a Sr. Researcher if USCIS approves my (O1) work visa. Thanks to everyone who talked to me during my job search; special thanks to Microsoft, Amazon Alexa, Meta, AI2, and NASA JPL teams. Personal: I got married!
2022/03/28 I've successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation! Defense slides are here. (I'm looking for a new role!)
2022/03/24 One of my tools (mtdata) is simplifying the training data downloading at Workshop on Machine Translation 2022
2022/03/16 I've released a massively multilingual translation model that translates 600 languages into English; see the demo at


PhD in CS


MS in CS


BE in CS&E


Professional Career

Research Engineer


Data Scientist (intern)


Research Assistant


Technical Co-Founder


Software Engineer


More ?

I speak Kannada/ಕನ್ನಡ, Telugu/తెలుగు, and Hindi/हिन्दी (+English, of course!). I was raised by a family of farmers in a southern Indian village. So, beside the "professional" experience that I have displayed here, I also have much more experience in agriculture that you will not hear: vineyard, silkworms, dairy, sheep, poultry...!

I came to this grad school for learning the artificial intelligence, but I also ended up learning a bit about myself/consciousness:

While coding an artificial soul for machines
He wins his gifts, defeats his curses
And discovers his own soul that thinks and feels!

Consciousness is divine [Prajnanam Brahman]
This self/Atma is divine [Ayam Atma Brahman]
You are that [Tat Vam Asi]
I am (part-of) it [Aham Brahmasmi]